St. Paul is a place where the traditional, contemporary, sacramental and spirit-filled converge.


St. Paul Westport is a unique church in a unique location at a unique time.  Every day we are aware that God is stirring us up and calling us to his great Kingdom work.

In the Heart of New England

We often express our call in the same terms that the early church at Antioch did.  What "Antioch" looks like at St. Paul Westport is a church with many people and many backgrounds.  We are a meeting place or town square:  For believers, for seekers and even for those who don't yet know they need a savior.  We have among our membership a diverse collection of faith backgrounds -- only 15-20 percent of our membership has a traditional Lutheran background (New England is about one percent Lutheran) -- and while there are many types of God's people in our pews, we are unified in having heard Him and obediently serving Him.  We all worship a Risen Lord! 

Local Church with Global Reach

As a local church, we focus on worship; soul saving; taking care of the poor; and allowing God to move in the miraculous.  And indeed He has in our midst.  We have a heart for the lost, and believe that we are called to be a House of Healing not just here in New England, but also for the entire world.

This calling means there is a coming and going about St. Paul Westport.  We send out with teachers, laypeople and mission teams to work and they bring back stories of encouragement “about what they have seen and heard.”  We endeavour to be faithful and we are expectant that God's authority and power are at work in our midst.  He never disappoints.  Our membership are joyful givers and 10 percent of our operational income is tithed off the top to the 20+ missions we support locally, nationally and internationally.  We serve.  We equip.  We support.  We teach.  We love.  We pray.

It is a great place to be.

We pray that you feel His calling to visit us at St. Paul Westport.  Our services include:

  • Arise Service/Sunday's at 8:00 a.m.
  • Shine Service/Sunday's at 10:00 a.m.
  • Praise and Healing Service/Wednesday's at 7:30 p.m.

Come and see what it means be part of an Antioch mission at St. Paul Westport.

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