Healing Prayer

We gather every Wednesday at 7pm in the sanctuary to spend time in Jesus' presence.  These are intimate times of worship and prayer that have been going on for over a decade.  We've seen Jesus completely heal people physically, mentally, and spiritually.

People come to this healing service for the quieter, more reflective style of worship and to receive prayer.  Here is the schedule for a typical Wednesday healing service:

7:00pm - We open with worship

7:30pm - The prayer leader teaches out of Scripture and shares testimonies of answered prayer

7:45pm - The prayer team comes to the front, and anyone may come forward to receive prayer from any of the prayer team groups

It has a soft ending so that once a person has received prayer, he/she may leave at anytime.

*Each of the members of the prayer team is trained by SPW and is dedicated to seeing Jesus break through in the lives of those prayed for, while maintaining confidentiality and treating each person respectfully.