Jennifer Sherwell

Jennifer Sherwell

Director of St. Paul Christian School
Phone: 203.227.2920


Jennifer Sherwell is our Director at SPCS

I was born and raised in Texas, where my husband Pablo and I met while pursuing our graduate studies at Texas Tech University and Texas A&M University. Upon graduation, we moved to Mexico, married, and began our careers and life together. Pablo is an economist, and I am an educator through and through. My mother recently retired after 43 years as a classroom teacher, thus, schooling is what I know and love.

My undergraduate studies focused on Latin America and the Spanish language. More than 20 years ago, I began my vocation in education as a Spanish teacher in Texas. I later studied administration, both business and educational administration, and a new passion was born! My doctoral studies focused on K-12 administration, and while living in Mexico, I served as the Director of Graduate Studies at a Mexican university and Director of the Texas A&M University Center in Mexico.

When Pablo and I began our family (we had three babies in two years!), I decided to stay home with our children and work part time as a teacher. Life was busy and sweet in Mexico City, and then God had another plan for our family. We know that God orchestrated every detail of our move to Westport, CT, and we especially feel that St. Paul Westport was part of His plan from the beginning.

My heart is happy and fulfilled working for St. Paul Christian School. Our own three little ones walk through these doors every day to learn about God, their ABC’s, and to have fun with friends! This is truly an amazing opportunity for me to work as a preschool administrator in a place that loves God and all the children under its care..