Rivers Teske

Rivers Teske, Women's Ministry
Rivers Hatchett Teske

Founder and President of Hidden Choices
Phone: 203.227.7441
Email: rivers@hiddenchoices.org



Rivers Teske founded Hidden Choices, Inc. as an international nonprofit organization in supporting young women and children living in extreme crisis and poverty.  It was while living and working in Asia during the 1980’s and 90’s that she was moved to make a profound difference in the lives of people who are abandoned, hungry or discarded as “the worlds’ throwaways.” Rivers speaks, writes articles, blogs and builds collaborative relationships with those organizations and individuals who are intentional 21st century world changers.

She believes significant difference can be made today in the global community to achieve sustainable social change through entrepreneurship and social investing.  Her passion is to alleviate extreme poverty  and support those most vulnerable with solutions that change lives with purpose.

Today her expanded initiatives include:

  • Providing nutrition to the hungry with sustainable farming programs
  • Digging water wells which provides clean water and safety for villages of 300-500 people
  • Educating young women and children by ultimately stimulating economic growth to families and communities
  • Providing cribs for safety and health to vulnerable inner city newborns in the US

Prior to founding Hidden Choices, Ms. Teske owned and operated a successful apparel and manufacturing private label business. She has served as a Military Ombudsman & Liason to Naval personnel and families, worked with various Mother Teresa Slum Projects in Tokyo and The Military Officers Wives Orphans Projects in Asia Pacific and United States. She is certified by the prestigious Protocol School of Washington® in Business Etiquette and International Protocol, serves on several executive committees and Boards for non-profit organizations. She is a former beauty queen from Texas,  a graduate of Baylor University and resides in Westport, Connecticut with her husband, The Rev. Paul Teske.