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 Our Honduras Mission Team left August 3rd and will be returning August 12th. Please keep the team and the team leaders in your prayers for traveling mercies, safety and their health. Please pray for the spiritual preparation and development of the mission team, for unity in the team and for their spiritual wisdom and loving service. Pray that all the financial needs of the trip would be met.


Germany Poland Mission Trip 2014


Teupesenti, Honduras

Children's programs, church building, bed distribution to the needy and praying for the elderly




Bhadrachalam, India

JULY 2011
Orphanage outreach in local rural and urban communities

India Mission Trip 2011



Hello My Very Esteemed Brothers and Sisters (as is proper greeting here),

Yesterday there was a major nationwide strike which shut down the country. We had to stay inside until 2 PM and then went to small tribal church in the middle of countryside surrounded by soft rolling hills. It is about an hour of hair raising driving from Khammam GTSSS headquarters. (www.gtsss.org)

Bishop Jacob was going to cancel but the young pastor of that church said that they would stay until midnight if we would only come. When we arrived around 4 PM the church of 60 believers not counting children were assembled. They love the Bishop and surrounded him as we walked to the small 20 x 50 ft building. Before we entered they sat us down and washed and kissed our feet. Not a typical Lutheran expression of fellowship but one done in Christ like love.

We then worshiped for an hour or so, singing and praising Jesus.  I spoke on Mattew 6's Treasures in Heaven and a bit on healing and forgiving our enemies, as we were to pray for many afterwards. The Bishop spoke on the nearness of Jesus and though I couldn't understand him it sure sounded good.

They then sat Bishop and I down to give flowers, head scarves and more kisses and blessing. Makes our visitor welcome look a little weak back home.

We then prayed for many sick people in the congregation (we didn't just place on prayer list and move on to other biz).

After an hour of that we proceeded to Pastor Luke and His wife's mud hut for dinner. Spicy Chicken and white rice, bananas and sliced apple.  This church has nothing but they pulled out all stops to feed us.

Pastor then knelt down on his dirt floor to share with the Bishop the news of his church.

Here is what I got or could understand. The church started 3-4 years ago as mission plant with no believers at the time. All current members are x- Hindus that have accepted the Lord and now serve him.

A few weeks ago a church member brought Hindu friends from another village who's son was sick. They prayed and Jesus healed and the family has come to know the Lord. They now want to start Bible Study in this village each week but there is no way to easily get there. Pastor Luke asked Jacob if there was any way to get a motorcycle to do that mission plant.

So Jacob asked the church to give to the Lord that they may be blessed. Let the Lord work out details.  I didn't understand what he was doing but he had me put my hand out as these people put pennies out to place in my hand.

Jacob asked me to bless it which I did, asking the Lord to multiply 10, even a 1000 times. When I was done I asked what He wanted me to do with it.   Jacob said that this was their gift to the Filling Station and to take it back as a testimony to the love of this church for our Lord.


I will present this to Filling Station attendees on the second Monday of August.  Pretty humbling stuff!  More mission stops today, we will report later.

George Brandon

Via Blackberry on July 23, 2011