Our Vision is Up, In, & Out

In the second message on Vision, Pastor Brad shares about living in relationship with God (Up), the church (In), and those outside the faith (Out). This takes planning, focus, and effort, but it's all worth it.

Our Purpose is to Encounter God

How does a person know if a picture is good? If he looks good in it! We are committed to being an inclusive church that is committed to walking with Jesus. This is more of a 'family talk' than a true sermon. In this message, Pastor Brad lays out a broad level view of the vision for SPW going forward. We are serious about the Great Commission and we are designed to uniquely pursue the fulfillment of that vision.

We love keeping our options open. Our beliefs included. In fact, it's not uncommon to hear someone in the church say, "It doesn't matter what you believe, as long as you're sincere." But again, God never said that. And He cares so much about what we commit to believing.

It Doesn't Matter What You Do

We're not always in the mood to weigh God's Word with what we're feeling like doing. It's easy to dismiss sin with a common expression: It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you don't hurt anyone. But to God, what we do really does matter. And He wants it to matter to us as well.

When we're overwhelmed with stress and truly feeling like it's just too much, we're oftentimes told "God won't give you more than you can handle." But it seems like He does. And truth is, He never said that. In reality, we are often given more than we can handle alone. But He always offers us His strength in overcoming. And He is always enough.

Our culture today has been enveloped in a Theology of Happiness. It's a belief that we're entitled to being happy and that anything that makes us happy must surely be right. In this message, we look at God's greatest desire for His followers. It's not happiness first, but holiness.

When Family Means Sacrifice

Family is God's appointed governance of earth. And despite all the benefits and joys we receive from family, we're tempted to think about our independence and all that could be if we weren't "held back" by those we love the most. This message looks at the greatest love ever and the Father's sacrificial devotion to family. Our answer to joy and contentment in family is found in Christ's love for us.

Til Death Do Us Part

This message is directed towards those considering dating or marriage. The Lord wants your marriage to be the best it can be. To achieve that, it takes planning, discipline, and courage. Here, Pastor Brad shares five key points for those considering marriage.

When Integrity is Inconvenient

This Father's Day, we look at the Lord's "Man of God Card" from Isaiah 33. We are often faced with decisions in which integrity and convenience are on opposite choices. How do we walk in faithfulness and still trust Jesus for His favor?

Counter-Cultural Class

Our favorite supers (superheros) were asked to cool it and pack it in and act like everyone else. It can feel that way as a follower of Jesus, that the world would rather we just act like it, and not like Christ. We look at Luke 9 and Jesus's words about denying ourselves, taking up our crosses, and following Jesus.