Blessed Are the Meek

Is it meekness or "Strength under control"? This week we look at the lives of Moses, Paul and Bart and Matthew 5:5.

Blessed are Those who Mourn

We continue our series on the Beatitudes and devote our selves to studying the first thoughts on Jesus's first recorded sermon. In this message, we look closer at mourning and the comfort that Jesus offers us. It's not just being sad for no reason! It's about one's heart drawing nearer to Jesus!

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Pastor Terry Wilcox launches this series with the first of the beatitudes, 'Blessed are the poor in spirit'. As the Director of the Bridgeport Rescue Mission for 17-years, Terry has ministered to the poor and the poor in spirit. And he has seen the Kingdom of Heaven released in power.

In the final message of the series My Prayer Can Change the World, we look at how a powerful prayer life fills us with rewards. We're rewarded with joy, eternity, and a legacy of answered prayers. He is faithful and loves us, our prayers, and His time with us.

What should we be thinking about when we're praying to God? That's the question we discuss as we learn how to have confidence in God's character, His will, and in our communication with Him. We were meant to pray boldly, with certainty, that the Lord hears and answers our prayers.

Your prayers are meant to have significant changes on the world around you. When we make an appointment with God each day, He treasures every moment of those meetings. And a consistency of time with God forms our mind like His, and our prayers become the words of the execution of His will.

Prayer is a limitless potential. If you've ever felt unqualified to ask God for something, then this message is a reminder to you that His love is limitless as well. In this new series, we look at the destiny our prayer life was made to have. Our prayers can - and shall - change the world!

Pivot Ministries

This Sunday morning was filled with the joy of the Lord as Pivot Ministries shared the life-change and redemption that these students have experienced in Jesus. Pivot joined us and brought songs by the choir, testimonies, and heartfelt love for Jesus. When someone has lost everything, he still hasn't lost Jesus. And Jesus is more than enough.

Easter: Overturned

Easter is the GREATEST DAY of the year! We celebrate the victory of Jesus over sin, death, and the devil. In this message, we see how our sentence has been OVERTURNED by the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus as King, II

In this Palm Sunday message we study Mark's account of the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem, observing the religious culture, and taking action against it. One thing that is constant is that Jesus acts, speaks, and thinks like a King.