Bishop Jacob Marineni joined us from India to share what Jesus has been doing through his mission, the Gospel for Tribal Social Service Society. SPW has been a longtime supporter of Bishop Jacob, and the fruit of his ministry has been remarkable. One humble man who submits to Christ can be a mighty powerful influence on a nation.

The culmination of this series on Heaven focuses on the Heavenly war room upon the destruction of evil. Heaven cheers intensely as God's judgments are released and ultimate freedom is given to His people. The greatest party of all time is about to begin!

In the midst of the intense worship of God, all of Heaven is greatly anticipating the moment when the Lord stirs. A day is coming when Jesus will return. In this message, we look at the moment in Heaven that will kick this great event into motion.

Heaven is centered on the act of worship. And get this: no one is bored. In fact, no one is checking the clock or concerned about their stomachs growling. The reason is because God is so fascinating and worthy to be worshipped with everything we have. This week we look at the worship scene going on in Heaven right now from Revelation 4.

The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity. It's easy to think of Him as the force in Star Wars - a hovering presence of strength. But He's so much more! His dwelling place is humanity - God sent Him to live in believers. And this changes everything!


Generosity abounds from a heart that's right with God. In Exodus, an encounter with God was within reach. God didn't command the people to give; they gave out of one man's encounter with Him and wanted more.


While dedicating ourselves to having a culture of honor, we must award the benefit of the doubt without merit. Doing so provides a platform for revival and seeing others the way God intends us to see them.


Does Absolute Truth really exist? And if it does, can some truths still be variable? In this message we look at these questions and how our perceptions of truth change over time. The value of Truth at SPW is a non-negotiable.


We want our prayer lives to carry Expectancy. Faith in Jesus for salvation is a beautiful thing. But that same faith in Jesus affords us the confidence of faith in Jesus for power and answer to our prayers.


These are the values of our church. The 'book' on Engagement has two different chapters: the first is called 'My Benefit', and the second is called 'Someone Else's Benefit'.