Jesus as Judge

In this message, we look at the reality of Jesus as a Judge. He might be biased in our favor, but His ruling is one of unwavering justice, love, and wisdom. It's important we understand this aspect of His identity and see it as good news for believers everywhere.

Jesus as King

Life on earth is a collision between two kingdoms: one of earth and one of Heaven. Jesus reigns as King of Heaven, and He's given to us everything we need to experience Heaven on earth. In this message, we look at the role of Jesus as eternal King.

Jesus as Bridegroom

This is part 1 of a series all about Jesus. We often limit our thinking of Jesus to His first coming, but in this series we look as His identity at the second coming. In the first of the series, we see Jesus in His role as the Bridegroom God.

Family life is hard. How many times are we hit with an option to choose promoting oneself or promoting the family? We look at praying Psalm 127 over our families and determining how to be both successful in the professional world AND still put family over work and reputation.

The Hospitable Church

In our earnest pursuit of Jesus, we should make sure we don't pull away from others. In this message, Pastor Brad takes us through what it looks like for us to be the most hospitable church we can be. Loving others is a choice, and it certainly requires effort. But it's all so worth it to bring others into an encounter with God.

Fight Like a Champion

The final installment of the series 'A Time for War' lands us at the spot that spiritual problems require spiritual solutions. Our fights aren't against men and women, but against Satan. And we need to fight accordingly. Let's learn to be Generals, not Privates!

Act Like a Champion

In this message, we look at the way we act in overcoming Satan’s attacks. Our daily activity comes from our new identity. When we carry ourselves like a champion, keep the end in mind, and rally around our tribe, we’ll begin to see the breakthrough we’re looking for.

Speak Like a Champion

Jesus won us a victory on the cross that was meant to last. The way we speak about ourselves is significantly tied to the living out our victory in Christ. This message focuses on the second step to Championship living: we must Speak Line a Champion.

Think Like a Champion

It's time to win back the identity Jesus won for us. Every person struggles with aspects of our lives that try to creep in and gain victory. Gentle pushing back doesn't work; it's Time for War. In this week's message, we look at the first step. We must Think Like a Champion.

Life Sunday: God Knows

God's love for humanity reigns over every evil, every sin, and every effort to distort it. And it's that love that we hold onto for not just the 59.1 million babies, but also every person (mothers, fathers, family, doctors) affected by the legalization of abortion. God's love is power. And love will win this day.