This message is all about Jesus! We consider the act/art/arc of worship itself by diving into Psalm 84 and studying it together. Did you know that God created us to delight in worship? No more boredom, spacing off, and wondering what’s relevant. In God’s House is God’s presence!

“Well, at least I had good intentions!” Let’s admit it, we’ve all gone there before! In this message we look at a man’s story from 840 BC. Have you ever wondered if your good can cancel out your bad? Take a listen as we consider how good is good enough?

The Prophets: Reward Fulfilled

The celebration of seeing God's Word fulfilled is priceless. Two prophets who trusted the Lord's promises were given the opportunity to see the Messiah with their own eyes. Today we're called to trust in the Lord's promises for His return. We are the remnant that waits, trusts, and prays.

Experience Christmas

This year's Christmas Eve message encourages us to be made 'Mighty' by God and live the fullest life for Jesus. Jesus was born into a world that didn't match His perfection. But He never stopped loving us and helping us along the way. By truly experiencing Christmas, we experience Jesus Himself.

The Children: Genuine Acceptance

This brief message followed up the SPW Children's Christmas pageant. Pastor Brad shares about why it's so important for the church to love the children in our lives and enable them to share the love of Jesus.

The Father: A Legacy Blessing

The influence of a father on a son or daughter is significant. In this message we look at both Joseph (Jesus's father) and Zechariah (John the Baptist's father). The spiritual formation both imprinted on their sons was intentional, disciplined, and impactful. It's important for parents to speak blessings over their children and encourage them to be who God is calling them to become.

The Mother: Trust During the Journey

One of the most humble people in the Bible was chosen for an incredible role. Mary said yes to the Lord at a young age and recognized that her life was a journey that should be walked with God. She accepted her role, held it in perspective, and maintained strong trust in a really big God.

The Angel: Role of a Lifetime

Have you ever felt the Lord give you an assignment that almost seemed too big? In this message, we look at the angel Gabriel and see him in his biggest moment as he would share some incredible news with a young teenager named Mary. God equipped him for that role. And He equips us today, even when it seems like we're in over our heads.

Bishop Jacob Marineni joined us from India to share what Jesus has been doing through his mission, the Gospel for Tribal Social Service Society. SPW has been a longtime supporter of Bishop Jacob, and the fruit of his ministry has been remarkable. One humble man who submits to Christ can be a mighty powerful influence on a nation.

The culmination of this series on Heaven focuses on the Heavenly war room upon the destruction of evil. Heaven cheers intensely as God's judgments are released and ultimate freedom is given to His people. The greatest party of all time is about to begin!