A People in Search of a Hero

In this message on 1 Samuel, we look at the moment Israel demands a King. Often times the root causes of our demands are Control and Fitting In. But the Lord has also given us a spiritual need to Surrender.

The Rise of a Prophet

In this first message in the 1 Samuel series, we look at the rise of a young boy who is brought into the world on a promise, raised in a most dysfunctional family, and yet is destined to become a man wholly dedicated to the Lord. And even 1000 years before Christ, we see prophecy of Jesus!

Horses & Chariots of Fire

Pastor Brad shared a story of Elisha. Sometimes we're looking, but we're not truly seeing. Jesus has set us free to see the spiritual reality and invites us into that. If you're struggling with fear or anxiety in this season, we pray this message will bring encouragement to you.

Unity of churches during the 10 Days of Prayer.

Starting to Make Disciples

In the final installment of the START Class series, Pastor Brad teaches on what the early church sees as a basic fundamental of the faith: making disciples. In this message, we go over simple helps to make sharing our faith natural and effective.

Starting to be the Church

In this new member series about becoming a part of our church, we look at what makes SPW unique. God has a plan for every church - and in many ways we're similar to each other, but we also have our own specific callings. SPW has a purpose to bring people to encounter Jesus.

Starting Out in Faith

Pastor Brad kicked off the first message in our START Class series. This is a sermon series that will launch into our new member class. Week 1 of 4 is all about the gospel and how Jesus has called us to be His. We look at the Roman's Road to Salvation and are invited to commit or recommit our lives to Jesus.

Labor & Favor

President of the church, Bob Knapp, shared this message on Labor Day weekend. What's a calling? And how are we validated in it and seen by the Lord for our work?

Letting Love Lead

Love is anything but weak. It is active, courageous, and the greatest gift we can give another. In this message, we look at the decision it takes to choose love over anything else.

SPW commissioned a team to serve at the Children's Rescue Mission in Honduras earlier this month. The message this week is a report of how the Lord moved through the team and the testimonies of the Lord's answers to prayer. Team leader Jesse Rodgers shared that small acts done in love can change the world.

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