In this message, we see another Encounter with God. And this was one that changed the world. We take an overview look at the life of Moses and hit on three key aspects of an encounter with God.

What's in a name? In this message, Pastor Brad shares the origins of the term Israel and what it means for us today. It all started with Jacob, and now it's the family name of God!

In this first message of our series we look at what is known simply as The Fall. It's one of the most defining moments for humanity, and it looked really bleak at the time. But somehow, someway the love of God compelled Him to have a contingency plan long before it even happened. We look at the passage, but we also look at the hope that is to come from it.

Christmas Hangover

After an incredible experience there always seems to be a crash. This happens with holidays and it can even happen in our relationships with Jesus. We can't live on the mountaintops, and perhaps those inbetween moments are the ones that define and grow our faith in depth. We look at Elijah's hangover and see that the Lord is just as presence in those lonely moments as He is in the power moments.

Christmas Eve Service

Christmas is one the grandest days of the year. With feasting, family and friends, music and movies, and great cheer also comes giving gifts. In this Christmas Eve message we consider the greatest gift ever given, as well as the intentions behind that gift!

Christmas Dinner

In this message of our Advent series, Pastor Gary Danielsen shares about Christmas Dinner. Christmas is a time for feasting and fellowship, and yet a foretaste of a greater feast to come!

Christmas Songs

Who doesn't love Christmas music?! For a genre of music that remains forever timeless, it's a blessing to have Christ-centered Christmas music. In this message we look at the first Christmas song ever sung and get reminded that the greatest aspect of Christmas is Christ.

Christmas Cheer

We have entered one of the cheeriest seasons of the year. Do you ever wonder why people carry so much joy leading up to Christmas? One significant reason is because worship affects the Lord's presence in the atmosphere. In this message we look at how we might share intentional Christmas Cheer with others.

In this brief message, Bishop Jacob shares a report of the what the Lord is doing in India through his ministry. GTSSS has seen over 8,000 baptisms in 2019 and seen the gospel bring good news of hope and deliverance. Despite the Lord's powerful movement, the challenges are real.

A Friendship That Changes the World

Have you ever longed for a true best friend? A person that propels you upward toward the Lord and desires your very best? David & Jonathon's friendship is a model for the devotion to bringing out the Lord's purposes in a relationship. This is a shortened message that was split with Bishop Jacob.