Youth Group

Youth Group

Every Sunday, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

High School Youth Group meets this Sunday night!


1st Sunday of the month @ the Dahlen's home*

2nd Sunday of the Month @ SPW

3rd Sunday of the Month @ TBD (fun activity)

4th Sunday of the Month @ SPW

The time consists of intentional hang out time, eating dinner together, and studying God's Word in small group.  We're serious about Jesus, and we're serious about having fun together.  We believe today's youth need to have friends who have a strong faith in Christ in common.  Youth group serves that purpose to connect to each other and the Lord.

We are committed to growing in our relationships:
UP   --> We grow relationally with Jesus
IN     --> We grow relationally with each other
OUT --> We grow relationally with others who don't know Jesus [yet]

* For directions to the Dahlen home, please contact the church office.

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