e Teams

e-Teams (Engagement Teams) exist to uphold our value of Engagement.

The purpose of e-Teams is to engage people of our community in the work of SPW so that they would Encounter Jesus.  These teams enable the church to be fluid and grassroots-oriented.  We believe that our engagement in the local church is designed for both our own encounters with God, but also for facilitating others' encounters with God.

Here is a list of our e-Teams at SPW:

First Impressions

This is the crew that is the main contact for people entering the SPW building on Sundays.  We greet guests, register children, and help families know where to go at what times. 

Service Assistants

This is the crew that assists during the service with seating, offering, & serving the Lord's Supper.  We smile genuinely and are servants so others can encounter Jesus.

Altar Guild

This is the crew that prepares the altar with bread and wine each week and cleans it up after the services.  This group also manages seasonal decor around the altar and is a great gift to the church.

Prayer Team

This is the crew that is trained in prayer and intercession.  We pray at the altar with people after Sunday services and on Wednesday Healing Services.  We also intercede together twice per month.

Worship Team

This is the crew that leads us in worship each Sunday or Wednesday night.  We play instruments and sing as we facilitate God's presence to open the people's hearts to encountering God.

Tech Team

This is the crew that serves with sound and video so that others may engage in the Sunday and Wednesday services and encounter God.

Contact Team

This is the crew that follows up with visitors to SPW.  We reach out to families and individuals who have visited or expressed an interest in SPW.  We simply answer questions and help facilitate an assimilation into our family.

Security Team

This is the crew that keeps an eye on things Sunday mornings so that everyone else may engage in worship and encounter God without worry.  We're not burly and intimidating; rather, we're wise and careful.

Missional Enterprises Team

This is the crew that dreams BIG and discovers and executes ways to bring others into an encounter with God.  Event planning and strategic marketing are critical to engaging the unchurched in the work of the Kingdom.

SPW Children Team

This is the crew that dedicates its service to valuing children and teaching and walking with them as they learn to hear God's voice and worship Him. 

SPW Youth Team

This is the crew that values teens (middle school and senior high) and consistently encourages our students, is available for leading classes/groups, and helps lead mission trips and servant events.

Small Group Leaders

This is the crew that leads different Small Groups in order to promote engagement, connection, and discipleship to the people of SPW and our community.

Food & Fellowship Team

This is the crew that assists with brewing fresh coffee each Sunday, and setting out the Panera treats after the 10am service, and cleaning up afterwards.