In this Mother's Day message, we look at Psalm 23:5 and find the original vision of love and nurture: God Himself. With a twist in analogies, King David continues to prove His point that our faithful God takes such great care of His people.


We have had some great mountaintops over the years at SPW! We've also had some valleys. Even our personal lives seem marked by extreme moments of joy and seasons of difficulty. While the low points are never longed for, we also recognize we do some of our greatest growth in the valley. In this message, we continue our march through Psalm 23 and consider what it is for us to walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Jesus has a proven track record of overcoming against all odds.


We continue our study of Psalm 23 and focus on verse 3. Our righteousness is both a calling from the Lord and also a gift from Him! One of the primary impacts Jesus provides for us is day-to-day restoration, which in turn points us to righteousness.


In this message, Valisa shares a teaching on Psalm 23:2 and the relates it to how King David experienced rest and green pastures. We have a mighty God who loves us and goes to extreme lengths to protect us.


In this series kickoff on Psalm 23, we look at the first verse. Satisfaction. Everyone wants it, but all of our best efforts often fall short in discovering it as a reality. So what is the key to satisfaction in life? It's Jesus.

Easter! He's Not Here!

In this Easter message, we celebrate the greatest Win of all time! We look at the Easter story and discover the shock and astonishment of Jesus not being in the tomb. This has implications - really big ones! - for us!

Good Friday

This Good Friday service focuses on the seven last words of Jesus. Pastor Gary Danielsen leads us through the service.

Maundy Thursday looks at the final moments of Jesus's life before His arrest. We walk through Mark 14 and see so many sins against Christ, and yet His heart is determined to persist in love and forgiveness.

Palm Sunday!

Palm Sunday is Opening Day for Holy Week! The most crucial week in human history opens with optimism, anticipation and perhaps some misguided dreams. But all the same, Jesus went with it. It was a day to celebrate. And for us almost 2,000 years later, it's a day and a week to celebrate like the world depends on it. It does.

Choose Church

In the final message on the Being Challenge series, we look at the keystone habit of Choosing Church. God desires us to be unified and connected to His bride, the church. Oftentimes our priorities and pride keep us from the privilege and joy of being engaged in the local church. Simply put, we're better together!

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