Seek Solitude

Some people love to be alone. Other will go to any lengths to avoid it. In this message, we look at the fourth Keystone Habit in the Being Challenge: Seeking Solitude. In order to be in a healthy relationship with Jesus, it's important to spend time in His presence. He recharges us in these periods. Let's consider the purpose and some tips on spending time in solitude with Jesus.

Study Scripture

In the message we jump into the second keystone habit of the Being Challenge: Studying Scripture. It is critical in this day and hour to devote ourselves to the Word of God. In this message we'll look at why we study God's Word and what we can expect from doing it.

Commit to Community

We are influenced by the people we spend time with. So the question, naturally, is who are we spending time with? As we look at the first focus of the Being Challenge, we see the community that Jesus committed Himself to doing life with. Who is our community?

Introduction: Keystone Habits

Like the chicken or the egg, which comes first? Our habits or our goals. In this introductory message to the Being Challenge, we consider our habits and what drives them. If our greatest goal is to have a healthy relationship with Jesus, do our habits reflect this?

Clusivity: In or Ex??

How can we be Inclusive and Exclusive simultaneously? Or should we even be both? In this message we look at how Jesus lived on earth, how He'll roll upon His return, and also what it means to be the church today.

SPW Values: Generosity

Freedom. Our values state: Anything that once owned us is now a gift we share liberally: time, finances, attitudes, prayers. In this message, we delve into the value of Generosity. Christ has set us free from bondage, and freedom leads us to a generous heart.

SPW Values: Honor

We continue to emphasize the values of SPW. One of the most important is Honor. There are immense relational implications to this value, but there are also spiritual implications. We choose to honor all people.

SPW Values: Truth - Life Sunday

We value Truth! But the question that is most relevant is, "What is truth?" In this message we look at how Jesus defines truth and what the means for our own lives. This Sunday is also known as Life Sunday, which allows us an incredible opportunity for considering truth in the hot topics.

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