What We Believe

St. Paul Westport is a remarkable congregation where the traditional, contemporary, sacramental and spirit-filled converge.  We are a church that actively works TO KNOW CHRIST AND TO MAKE CHRIST KNOWN as exhorted to by the Apostle Paul (our namesake) in Ephesians 4 ”…to equip the saints to build up the body."  Just as Paul received this direction from the Lord Jesus and passed it on to the early church, so we also are encouraged to build up the present day church.  St. Paul Westport is a modern day Antioch church, seeking to do the Jesus’ work today by feeding the poor, taking care of widows and encouraging the lost to find Him.  At our very core is our whole-hearted belief in the Great Commission of Matthew 28.

We have also been blessed with a heavenly directive to be a HOUSE OF HEALING.  The scriptures (Acts 10:37-38) tell us that when Jesus came up out of the Jordan River, he immediately began a ministry of doing good deeds and healing people of their physical, emotional, social and spiritual illnesses.  We believe that as the Body of Christ, we are to continue Christ’s ministry today. St. Paul Westport offers a healing touch to everyone who comes broken and desiring of Jesus Christ.

Photo by Colleen Coffey