From the President of the Lutheran Church in the Philipines

Bishop M. Jacob - India

Praise the Lord! Oh, give the thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
-- Psalm 105:1

Bishop JacobGreetings to you in the most Exalted Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus,

Praise God, I arrived safely back to India on 7th December 2011, from USA. My wife Elizabeth’s health is gradually improving. I want to thank all my dear brothers and sisters in Christ who stood with us in prayer. Many people sending mails and calling asking us how is she doing. We are very humble and thankful for that.

Over the past 12 months our ministry has seen many physical and emotional challenges in India. I personally have been through very difficult times. For last 20 years of our ministry, we have not received any financial help from the government, but we thank God for you our dear faithful Christian friends who stand behind this work in prayer and in financial support and on a make it all possible to continue on daily basis.

Many lives of our native missionaries were in daily peril as they have been persecuted for their faith in Jesus, beaten and some whose lives have been threatened ‘‘as on to death’’, as they preach the Gospel. Sadly, three dear missionaries and one wife of a missionary brother has died. However we are able to reach many more hard and difficult regions of the country up to the Nepal to advance the Gospel.

We praise God for the Orphans Army of Jesus: In the 28 orphan homes, there are over 2200 boys and girls including nursing students living. Once no one wanted them, but today their lives changed, now they have purpose and hope of eternal life in Christ Jesus. We are encouraged to inform you that several students have graduated from our Bible College and married are working in the mission field and planting churches. Some are studying engineering, some are studying in the nursing college, some are studying in pharmacy college, some under teachers training program and some are in the Bible College.

We do thank God for the remarkable land marks in the past 12 months, opening of Bible College on 19th August 2011, and opening of two chicken houses to raise some support and to create the work for my people.

Fruit of the Ministry/A Report of the Past 12 Months

Number of people saved: 3,555
Number of people baptized:  2,696
Churches Started: 44
Small Branches Started:  190
Number of new village reached: 1,652
New orphanage opened: 1
Number of children taken into orphanage or nursing school : 400
New Jesus wells:  60

....and much more development taken place in different projects of our organization. We know we could not able to do this without your out standing prayer and financial support for the Lord’s work through our humble ministry.

Prayer Requests

(1) We praise God, Christmas is at hand. One hand it is great joy to celebrate birth of our Lord Jesus Christ with all our family GTSSS, but other hand it is enormous need to help with special gifts to orphans, native missionaries, lepers, disabled children, elderly people and volunteers.

(2) We are sincerely praying to provide every orphan child with new outfit, sweets, special meal and small gift. It would cost approximately per child $20. There are over 2,200 orphan children in 28 homes.

(3) We are praying to bless each missionary family with some gift of contribution for Christmas, for their faithful service to the Lord. There are 601 full time missionaries.

(4) We are praying to bless every leper colony with a gift of contribution so that they all can have special meal on Christmas day in every leper colony and a blanket for each family would be very helpful to them as a Christmas gift (17 colonies, with 1400 families).

We would be very grateful for your kind prayers for our upcoming Christmas needs.  We wish you a very healthy and blessed Christmas and New Year 2012.

Your brother in the Master's work,
Bishop M. Jacob