Who We Are

We are a people-loving, Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, honor-giving group of people who have been marked by Jesus to bring His love, hope, and freedom to our region and to the nations.

We are unified in one solid purpose for our church:  We Encounter God.  It is our desire to Encounter God and invite others into those sacred moments when Jesus transforms our lives.

our Values

These are our values that we commit to living within.  If we ever find ourselves living outside just one of these values, we will stop, reset, and then continue the mission Jesus has given us.


Those who call us their church home are actively engaged in the purpose and activity of SPW.  We worship together; we’re in Small Groups together; we serve together with the intention of engaging others in the work of SPW.


God has made it a point to answer the prayers of SPW.  We expect God to be present and move in power.  We pray courageously in order to take new ground for Jesus’s Kingdom.


We’re a people who believe in God’s Word as the absolute truth in this world.  We trust the Lord’s heart and intentions with Scripture and eagerly apply it to our lives.


We give the benefit of the doubt to all people.  We’ll be vulnerable and transparent in order to love and honor others.  We’re gentle and respectful of others with different viewpoints.


We recognize that God has set us free.  Anything that once owned us is now a gift we share liberally:  time, finances, attitudes, prayers.

Up In Out
Our Vision

We live a lifestyle of Up, In, & Out.  These are three realms for relationships.


We are in relationship with God.  We make it our ambition to know Jesus personally by spending time in conversation with Him (prayer) and studying His truth (Scripture).  We are committed to participating in weekly worship gatherings with other believers at SPW.


We invest in relationships with others at SPW.  We avoid stagnancy and isolation by committing to meeting with other believers for mutual encouragement and strengthening.  Our Small Groups offer the opportunity to live out our purpose with others who have the same goal.


We invite Jesus into relationships with those who are not connected to a local church.  We recognize that God loves our friends and family who don't know Him.  And He's assigned us to provide for an introduction and be a consistent witness to the difference Jesus makes in our lives.