SPW Adults love nothing more than to encounter God with one another!  We were built for this, and Jesus craves these times with us.  But so often, we're overwhelmed with the journey itself.  That's why we engage in the church and invest in one another.

SPW Small Groups

Christ-centered friendships enrich our lives and sharpen our focus.  We are dedicated to meeting together in homes, becoming family with one another, and encountering Jesus in community. 

Small Groups at SPW comprise of food, laughter, caring, prayer, and Bible study.  Oftentimes our groups will go out together for dinner or for playtime.  We do a lot of celebrating together, because we have a King who has won us the ultimate victory!

Small Groups

9am Sunday Bible Study

During Discipleship Hour on Sundays during the school year, we host a Bible study to take a deeper dive into Scripture.  This Fall semester of 2021, Pastor Gary Danielsen is leading a study on Genesis 1-12.  All are welcome!  

We are serious about studying the Bible so that we can know the Author even better.  There are no 'levels' and no one is inferior or superior.  Instead we grow together and help one another gain more understanding in God's Word.

Looking for Insights on Parenting? 

We know it!  Parenting is a tremendously challenging endeavor.  And yet, if the Lord has positioned you as a parent, we believe He longs to equip you with everything you need to parent effectively.  Oftentimes we lack the knowledge and resources when it comes to parenting our own children, which causes us to spiral into a depressing journey of doubt.

SPW is here to help!  If you see challenges heading your way (or they've already crash-landed in your home), we'd love to sit and listen to what's going on.  Call our office (203.227.7441) to schedule an appointment with a pastor today.

Here are a couple of resources we find helpful for families.

National Center for Biblical Parenting
Focus on the Family
Plugged In