We are committed to seeing our youth encounter God and grow in community with one another.

There's never been a better time in the history of the world for youth to rise up and live radical lives for Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit.


Senior High Youth Group

Our Senior High youth group meets on Sundays from 4pm - 5:30pm.  We meet to grow in our relationships:
UP   --> We grow relationally with Jesus
IN     --> We grow relationally with each other
OUT --> We grow relationally with others who don't know Jesus [yet]

The time consists of intentional hang out time, eating dinner together, and studying God's Word in small group.  We're serious about Jesus, and we're serious about having fun together.  We believe today's youth need to have friends who have in common a strong faith in Christ.  Youth group serves that purpose to connect to each other and the Lord.

Valisa Schneider is our Director of Family Ministry and a favorite of both youth and parents.  To contact Valisa directly, email her at  

High School Youth Group meets on Sunday nights @ 4pm!


Junior High Youth - Confirmation

Our Junior High meets together on Sunday mornings to study the Word of God and grow in relationship with each other.  These students have a growing understanding of Jesus, a heart for others, and a lot of BIG questions.  This study meets at 9:00am during the school year.

Looking for Insights on Parenting? 

We know it!  Parenting is a tremendously challenging endeavor.  And yet, if the Lord has positioned you as a parent, we believe He longs to equip you with everything you need to parent effectively.  Oftentimes we lack the knowledge and resources when it comes to parenting our own children, which causes us to spiral into a depressing journey of doubt.

SPW is here to help!  If you see challenges heading your way (or they've already crash-landed in your home), we'd love to sit and listen to what's going on.  Call our office (203.227.7441) to schedule an appointment with a pastor today.

Here are a couple of resources we find helpful for families.

National Center for Biblical Parenting
Focus on the Family
Plugged In