The Lord is with us! Even in the dark and concerning times when fear rages and we worry about ourselves and loved ones, our Lord is still in control. In this online-only message, Pastor Brad addresses the COVID-19 challenge by looking at the story of Gideon.

In this message Pastor Brad looked at the Lord's charge to Joshua before Joshua took on the greatest endeavor of his lifetime. Just like Joshua we need to dig deep for courage. It's a choice. And there's a reward for choosing courage when it is not the easy choice. PBK went a little long in this message - he apologizes! - but it might be worth your listen as you consider embracing a courageous calling.

In this message, we talk about the heart and discipline of setting your home for Jesus. Dedicating our families to the Lord; offering an open dialogue with our children; valuing sitting at the dinner table together; and encouraging our children more often than we critique them. The Lord loves families, and so do we!

What does God really think about women? Oftentimes reading Scripture we come across perplexing passages and wonder if women have the same rights as men. To be clear, women do! God carries love and pride in His creation of women, and the Bible truly shows that picture. In this message we look at how much God prizes women and His motivations for doing so.

Do you ever dwell on things that *might* happen some day? It's common to let our own thoughts convince us that we're just not good enough. In this message we look at a story from the book of Numbers. We might just find that our God is too big to comprehend, and He's to powerful to limit. In those times of doubt, know that Jesus fights for us!

Theology Alert!! We have a tendency to overlook Leviticus and everything related to it. But, it's important to stop and slow down, especially at chapter 16. In this shortened message, Pastor Brad shares the importance of the Day of Atonement in the New Testament. In fact, the death of Jesus is only understood in light of the Day of Atonement.

In this message Pastor Brad takes us through a Psalm. Psalms are songs/prayers meant to be spoken back to the Lord. Psalm 32 was one of both Augustine and Luther's favorite Psalms, and it's quoted by Paul in the New Testament. How do we get blessed? We find ourselves forgiven by Jesus.

Have you ever been so enslaved by fear that you've felt powerless? The Hebrews in the dessert were one day marching with great pride, but the next quivering in fear. In this passage from Exodus 14, we see the Lord deliver His people from an impossible situation.

In this message, we see another Encounter with God. And this was one that changed the world. We take an overview look at the life of Moses and hit on three key aspects of an encounter with God.

What's in a name? In this message, Pastor Brad shares the origins of the term Israel and what it means for us today. It all started with Jacob, and now it's the family name of God!

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