In this message, we tackle the challenges of transitioning faith from senior high to the college years. 70% of Christian students leave their faith by the end of the first year of college. Pastor Brad shares three significant keys to not only maintaining one's faith, but growing it in these most special years.

Blessed are the Persecuted

We don’t often associate our own belief in Jesus with persecution or martyrdom. In fact, we often do everything we can to avoid all forms of discomfort when it comes to our faith. But why did Jesus make it sound inevitable that we would suffer for His name? In this message, we consider the role of suffering for our relationship with Christ.

Hoving Home

The Hoving Home, a ministry dedicated to rebuilding the lives of women, visited SPW and shared testimonies of the Lord's power and love. These women are daughters of the King and have gone from rock bottom to the mercy seat of Jesus. We are not out past, but our identity is all that God says we are today. These women shared testimonies of His power in their lives.

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Peace is one of the most defining aspects of every person's life! Whether we have it or don't have it, peace shapes our values, our behaviors, and our relationships. In this message, we look at what Jesus said when the Shalom-makers are blessed and shall be called the children of God.

How Are You Holding Up?

How are you holding up? Are things much different today than they were when the book of Jude was written?

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Is it possible to see God today? In this message we look at who the Bible says is the 'pure in heart'. It's the Lord's will that every person would have access to the sight of God, by living purely and growing in His Word.

Blessed are the Merciful

It's likely that Mercy is one of those words we take for granted. We often associate it with a pleasant feeling. But it's so much more than that, and according to Jesus it's something that all disciples of His must extend to others. In this message we look at the fifth beatitude, Blessed are the Merciful.

Blessed are Those who Hunger & Thirst

We can dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of being satisfied in many areas of our lives. But one thing is marked as bringing us the ultimate satisfaction: hungering and thirsting for righteousness.

Blessed Are the Meek

Is it meekness or "Strength under control"? This week we look at the lives of Moses, Paul and Bart and Matthew 5:5.

Blessed are Those who Mourn

We continue our series on the Beatitudes and devote our selves to studying the first thoughts on Jesus's first recorded sermon. In this message, we look closer at mourning and the comfort that Jesus offers us. It's not just being sad for no reason! It's about one's heart drawing nearer to Jesus!

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