On Reformation Day, we look at the words Paul writes himself at the end of Romans to call the Christians away from the fringe of doctrine and into the anchored assurance of salvation in Jesus Christ.

In this message we are going to look at a passage from Mark 8 in which Jesus and the disciples have strong – and opposite! – beliefs on what is right. We’ve all felt frustrated at times when we feel we know a better way than God’s chosen way. I mean, we believe in God and trust Him… but does that mean He’s always right? What if it seems so obvious that our way is better??

When Jesus is involved, always think big! Our life journeys are opportunities to pursue excellence, modify our plans and see God provide more than we can imagine. Grace is what we call it when Jesus goes above and beyond our wildest dreams.

We take a glance at a section in Matthew in which Jesus displays His authority. In this message, we narrow it down further to three episodes in which people fail to understand that His authority is real, good and powerful!

We put a bow on the Old Testament in this message and consider what the closing of the OT means for the "400 years of silence" before Jesus comes to save the world. The final words of the Old Testament are filled with both Law and Gospel!

Have you ever noticed that when different people exhibit the same characteristic, sometimes it's a good thing, and sometimes it's a bad thing? The Bible offers us one of these characteristics that's caused a lot of confusion in believers. Shrewdness. Satan had it, yet Jesus encouraged us to have it. And it seems easily corruptible. In this message, we look closer at this aspect of a wise person and consider Esther.

In this message we consider the MIGHT of our great God. We look at Psalm 46, the source of some of the great worship hymns/songs, and we see that while the world might be reeling, our God is a constant source of strength and steadiness.

We look at one of the most incredible passages of hope and resurrection in all of the Old Testament. The insight from Ezekiel's valley of dry bones is of a God who makes bold promises and always fulfills those promises without flinching. What is the move of God we're waiting on today?

In this message we are assured that our past mistakes do not define us or limit us in the eyes of Christ. No matter how holy, or unholy, our personal history is, we all have a need for the forgiveness of Jesus.

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