Unity of churches during the 10 Days of Prayer.

Starting to Make Disciples

In the final installment of the START Class series, Pastor Brad teaches on what the early church sees as a basic fundamental of the faith: making disciples. In this message, we go over simple helps to make sharing our faith natural and effective.

Starting to be the Church

In this new member series about becoming a part of our church, we look at what makes SPW unique. God has a plan for every church - and in many ways we're similar to each other, but we also have our own specific callings. SPW has a purpose to bring people to encounter Jesus.

Starting Out in Faith

Pastor Brad kicked off the first message in our START Class series. This is a sermon series that will launch into our new member class. Week 1 of 4 is all about the gospel and how Jesus has called us to be His. We look at the Roman's Road to Salvation and are invited to commit or recommit our lives to Jesus.

Labor & Favor

President of the church, Bob Knapp, shared this message on Labor Day weekend. What's a calling? And how are we validated in it and seen by the Lord for our work?

Letting Love Lead

Love is anything but weak. It is active, courageous, and the greatest gift we can give another. In this message, we look at the decision it takes to choose love over anything else.

SPW commissioned a team to serve at the Children's Rescue Mission in Honduras earlier this month. The message this week is a report of how the Lord moved through the team and the testimonies of the Lord's answers to prayer. Team leader Jesse Rodgers shared that small acts done in love can change the world.

In this message, we tackle the challenges of transitioning faith from senior high to the college years. 70% of Christian students leave their faith by the end of the first year of college. Pastor Brad shares three significant keys to not only maintaining one's faith, but growing it in these most special years.

Blessed are the Persecuted

We don’t often associate our own belief in Jesus with persecution or martyrdom. In fact, we often do everything we can to avoid all forms of discomfort when it comes to our faith. But why did Jesus make it sound inevitable that we would suffer for His name? In this message, we consider the role of suffering for our relationship with Christ.

Hoving Home

The Hoving Home, a ministry dedicated to rebuilding the lives of women, visited SPW and shared testimonies of the Lord's power and love. These women are daughters of the King and have gone from rock bottom to the mercy seat of Jesus. We are not out past, but our identity is all that God says we are today. These women shared testimonies of His power in their lives.

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